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(hăn`ō), fl. c.480? B.C., Carthaginian navigator. He founded seven towns on the Atlantic shore of Morocco and probably explored the Atlantic coast of Africa to Sierra Leone.


fl. 250–200 B.C., Carthaginian statesman, leader of the conservative land-owning party and consistent opponent of the Barca family. His refusal to pay the mercenaries of Hamilcar BarcaHamilcar Barca,
d. 229 or 228 B.C., Carthaginian general. He was assigned the command in Sicily in 247 in the First Punic War (see Punic Wars). From mountain bases near Palermo he made repeated raids on the Romans and relieved the Punic garrison in Lilybaeum.
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 brought on their great revolt (240–238 B.C.). He favored expansion in Africa (where he extended the Carthaginian conquests to Theveste) and opposed war with Rome. Hanno's unwillingness to send help overseas was a factor in Hannibal's final failure in Italy.


(hän-nō), city (1990 pop. 73,214), Saitama prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, on the Naguri River. It is a commercial town with a large logging industry.



In Carthage:

(1) Hanno the Navigator, fleet leader in the seventh and sixth centuries B.C. Hanno navigated along the western shore of Africa and founded several Punic colonies. The description of Hanno’s navigation (Periplus) has been preserved in an ancient Greek edition.


Müller, C. Fragmenta historicum graecorum, vol. 1, Paris, 1846. In Russian translation, in I. Sh. Shifman, Vozniknovenie Karfagenskoi derzhavy. Moscow-Leningrad, 1963. Pages 87-88.
(2) Hanno the Great, viceroy in Libya in about 240 B.C. His cruelty provoked an uprising of mercenary troops and of the Libyan peasantry. Hanno was a political opponent of Hamilcar Barca and Hannibal; during the Second Punic War he advocated capitulation to Rome.


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