Hans Bauer

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Bauer, Hans


Born Jan. 16, 1878, in Grasmannsdorf; died Mar. 6, 1937, in Halle. German theologian and Semitist.

In 1923, Bauer became a professor in Halle. In 1930 (at the same time as C. Virolleaud and E. Dhorme, but independently of them), he deciphered texts from Ras-Shamra (Ugarit, northern Syria) written in a cuneiform alphabet.


Dobelhofer, E. Znaki i chudesa. Moscow, 1963. Chapter 6. (Translated from German.)
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1955) Hitler's pilot, Hans Bauer, just released by the USSR, confirms Hitler and Eva Braun's suicides.
Anaconda, tercera pelicula en Hollywood del peruano Luis Llosa (evidentemente emparentado con el otro Llosa), ex telenovelero implantado en la "Meca del cine" (asi le dicen y habria que agregar "peor"), parte de un guion de Hans Bauer, sobre argumento de Jira Cash y Jack Epps Jr.
The comparative-historical approaches promulgated by scholars such as Hans Bauer and Gotthelf Bergstrasser (1886-1933) helped to refine the aspect theory.