Hans Sachs

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Sachs, Hans

(häns zäks), 1494–1576, German poet, leading meistersingermeistersinger
[Ger.,=mastersinger], a member of one of the musical and poetic guilds that flourished in German cities during the 15th and 16th cent. The guilds or schools comprised chiefly artisans who claimed artistic descent from the courtly minnesingers.
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 of the Nuremberg school. A shoemaker and guild master, he wrote more than 4,000 master songs in addition to some 2,000 fables, tales in verse (Schwanke), morality plays, and farces. His Shrovetide plays, humorous and dramatically effective, present an informative picture of life in 16th-century Nuremberg. An ardent follower of Luther, Sachs wrote the poem "The Nightingale of Wittenberg" in Luther's honor. Many of his melodies were later adapted as Protestant hymn tunes. Hans Sachs is a principal character in several operas, notably in Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

Sachs, Hans


Born Nov. 5, 1494, in Nuremberg; died there Jan. 19, 1576. German poet and composer.

Sachs attended a Latin school. In 1520 he became a master cobbler. He was an actor and the director of an amateur troupe. Expanding the poetic horizons of the meistergesang, he culled his subjects from life, from classical, medieval, and Renaissance literary sources, from popular books, and from anecdotes of the marketplace. Sachs wrote more than 6,000 works and was the author of the words and music for many songs. In his charming Fastnachtsspiele (Shrovetide plays), with their touching naïveté characteristic of popular literature, and in his Schwanken (short narrative songs), he depicted with humor the simple-mindedness of peasants, family quarrels, the profligacy of Catholic clerics, the riotous conduct of the lansquenets, and the amusing pranks of clever tramps. Best known are his farces The Schoolboy in Paradise and The Peddler’s Basket. Sachs condemned the growth of self-interest and the dissension among the princes, but his moralizing is not without philistine features. Sachs was the inspiration for the main character in operas by A. Jirovec, A. Lortzing (Hans Sachs, 1834) and R. Wagner (Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, 1868).


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5) In the same year, Hans Sachs was deported to a concentration camp, but luckily managed to flee to the United States with his wife and son.
For a modern edition of Hans Sachs's play (in seven acts), see Dichtungen von Hans Sachs, Dritter Theil.
Shoemaker Hans Sachs (Franz Hawlata, a bit in over his head vocally), who is too old for Eva, teaches Walther how to compose the prize-winning song while he also tricks stodgy Sixtus Beckmesser (Michael Voile in a star-making performance), a major contender, into submitting nonsensical words that defy all the rules.
Beckmesser mochte den weiteren Gesang von Stolzing unterbinden und lost damit den heftigen Widerspruch von Hans Sachs aus.
41) For an excellent introduction to Sachs's life and work, see Eckhard Bernstein, Hans Sachs (Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1993).
Scoloker's tract is itself a translation of a 1524 Lutheran dialogue by Hans Sachs (Ibid.
Nobles y burgueses danzan y una guirnalda corona la frente de Hans Sachs, el artesano-cantor, maestro de sabiduria, renuncias y humildad.
While the Malleus sprang from a chiefly misogynist view and served to justify and perpetuate a patriarchal, celibate church hierarchy, Brauner demonstrates that the writings of Martin Luther and two 16th century playwrights, Paul Rebhun and Hans Sachs, came from a need to justify the emerging role of the submissive housewife.
His epic was popular, for it provided the basis of a 15th-century prose novel, Tristan und Isalde, and a tragedy by Hans Sachs.
In all this, Hans Sachs plays the role of friend and confidant of Walther, stymying Beckmesser and maintaining real artistic standards, even though it is revealed to us that he too is secretly (albeit passively) in love with Eva.
Atlas was selected over other offerings for its high performance OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer), the functionality of its software and the ability to control a remote optical switch over the network," said Hans Sachs, Deutsche Telekom project leader.
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