Hans Theo Richter

Richter, Hans Theo


Born Aug. 7, 1902, in Rochlitz, Saxony; died Sept. 14, 1969, in Dresden. German graphic artist.

Richter studied in Dresden at the Academy of Vocational Art (Kunstgewerbeakademie) from 1919 to 1922 and at the Academy of Art from 1926 to 1931 with O. Dix. He began teaching at the Advanced School of Fine Art in Dresden in 1947.

Richter worked mainly with lithography. His works, including After Bathing (1954) and Mother and Child (1957), are characterized by their concise expressionism, subtle psychological insights, and lyrical qualities. Richter was awarded the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic in 1965.


Schmidt, W. Hans Theo Richter: Das graphische Werk. Dresden, 1974.
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This effect occurs most movingly in "Portrait of the Painter Hans Theo Richter and His Wife Gisela in Dresden, 1933," where the relationship's private lyricism is undermined not only by the place and date but by the couple's pathetic ignorance, everyone's ignorance, of the future: "She is a tree, her neck a swan's curved to him / His hands enclose her left hand / Like folded wings.