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see Hanseatic LeagueHanseatic League
, mercantile league of medieval German towns. It was amorphous in character; its origin cannot be dated exactly. Originally a Hansa was a company of merchants trading with foreign lands.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Hansa, asteroid 480 (the 480th asteroid to be discovered, on May 21, 1901), is approximately 64 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.3 years. This asteroid was named after the merchant guild that gave its name to the Hanseatic League. Hansa shows mercantile ability, particularly in associations with others.


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El proyecto tampoco es bien visto por otros actores politicos: en noviembre de 2010, el Senado solicito a la Semarnat negar esa autorizacion a la filial mexicana de Hansa Urbana y pidio a la Secretaria de la Funcion Publica investigar el otorgamiento inicial "por su ilegalidad".
The Hansa Town Union is a town union of economic and cultural trade.
The fighter jets that arrived in Goa in a transport plane were re-assembled at INS Hansa, which also has a maintenance and training facility for the aircraft and its pilots.
The 243-meter-long Hansa India has been under charter to the state-owned shipping company Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines for several years, Leonhardt & Blumberg said in a statement to the magazine.
7 million ransom for Hansa, a German ship," pirate Abdi told the Reuters news agency by phone from Harardhere, on the east coast of Somalia.
Thus in 1361 the League took up arms against King Valdemar of Denmark who attacked the Hanseatic city of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland because he was concerned by the restrictions the Hansa had placed on Danish trade.
Hansa has gone into voluntary liquidation and Gudmundsson is in talks with the Icelandic government and banks about how to restructure his assets, including West Ham.
Mawson Resources Limited (TSX: MAW), an exploration company based in Canada, has announced an acquisition of ownership in Hansa Resources Limited (Hansa) (TSX V: HRL).
He said: "We had a very good test against Hansa Rostock, who are a decent side and we were below our best on Saturday.
CRM, financial and logistics software provider Hansa Business Solutions has supplied its HansaWorld financial accounting, logistics and business management system to The Finance Function Ltd, an outsourced accounting service provider.
Hansa Business Solutions, has launched HansaWorld Version 4.
This was mainly because the company merged with its biggest competitor, Hansa of Hilter, and acquired France's Orlysienne Nord.