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see hara-kirihara-kiri
[Jap.,=belly-cutting], the traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide, also known by its Chinese equivalent, seppuku. It was practiced by the Japanese feudal warrior class in order to avoid falling into enemy hands.
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Nadie se puede hacer el hara kiri sin sufrir las consecuencias de un atentado contra su propia integridad.
I'm shivering, so cold, please hold my hand, don't go away, don't leave me now, they're not done with me, I'm lying here awake and my body is open to the air like some awful hara kiri, crucified and DISEMBOWELED ALIVE and you have left me.
In Japan, the samurai tradition is called hara kiri.
Not only will they have they been royally shafted, they will be staring hara kiri in the guts if Ballydoyle's brilliant filly Maybe wins the 1000 Guineas on Sunday.