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, x-ray
a. electromagnetic radiation emitted when matter is bombarded with fast electrons. X-rays have wavelengths shorter than that of ultraviolet radiation, that is less than about 1 × 10--8 metres. They extend to indefinitely short wavelengths, but below about 1 × 10--11 metres they are often called gamma radiation
b. (as modifier): X-ray astronomy
2. a picture produced by exposing photographic film to X-rays: used in medicine as a diagnostic aid as parts of the body, such as bones, absorb X-rays and so appear as opaque areas on the picture

What does it mean when you dream about an X-ray?

Being X-rayed in a dream may signal wanting to see through a situation or the intentions of someone who is emotionally significant in one’s life.


Dreaming about getting an X-ray or looking at an x-ray may not have anything to do with health matters. This dream suggests that you are ready to look beneath the surface of a current situation or problem. X-rays require focused energy and your dream may be a reflection on the energy that you already possess. This energy will assist you in gaining insight and awareness or help you with problem solving. Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming of X-rays is a dream of the contrary. That is, you will be released from your worries and enjoy good health.
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If you want to study atoms, and the distances between atoms, that means hard X-rays.
Several members of the joint SLAC/Stanford Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) are on the NuSTAR science team and are looking forward to their first view through the hard X-ray window.
Sun is a source of 3rd generation synchrotron radiation delivering electromagnetic radiation whose spectrum spreads IR to hard X-rays.
Only Swift's hard x-rays help scientists directly detect the energetic black hole, also called active galactic nuclei (AGN) - which can block ultraviolet, optical and low-energy, or soft X-ray, light.
and her colleagues hope to begin imaging flares in the light of hard X-rays and gamma rays using a seven-foot-long balloon-borne telescope that they hope to fly for two weeks this fall.
Hard X-rays can help scientists directly detect the energetic black hole.
1 s) of low energy (soft) gamma rays and hard X-rays.
Solar Max's hard-X-ray imaging spectrometer made the first observations of hard X-rays from the "footpoints" of magnetic arches formed during the brief, early phase of solar flares, Gurman says.
While lower-energy "soft" X-rays from thermal emission have been seen on other stars, scientists have never seen hard X-rays on any flaring star other than the sun.
The Sandia scientists need both soft and hard X-rays for Saturn's major applications--weapons testing and, ultimately, the development of X-ray lasers for potential use in advanced weaponry, microscopy and holography.