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(all: härgā`sä), town (1984 est. pop. 70,000) and capital of the SomalilandSomaliland,
autonomous region and self-proclaimed independent state (2008 est. pop. 3,500,000), c.53,100 sq mi (137,600 sq km), NW Somalia. It is bordered on the N by the Gulf of Aden, on the E by the Puntland region, on the S by Ethiopia, and on the W by Djibouti.
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 region, N Somalia. It is a commercial center and watering place for nomadic stock herders. The town is a transportation hub and has an international airport. The town was taken in 1870 by Egyptian forces, who withdrew in 1884 to fight the Mahdi in Sudan. The British later took control and, in 1941, made Hargeisa the capital of British Somaliland. The city is the capital of the rebels who declared former British Somaliland region independent as the "Republic of Somaliland."



(Hargeysa), a city in northwest Somalia, administrative center of Hargeisa Region. Population, 50,000 (1972). Hargeisa is linked by road with the port of Berbera. There is trade in livestock, hides, leather, and corn.


a city in NW Somalia: former capital of British Somaliland (1941--60); trading centre for nomadic herders. Pop.: 400 000 (latest est.)
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Cet article, fonde sur des observations et entretiens qualitatifs, etudie les conceptions de la mutilation genitale feminine et I'elimination du phenomene a Hargeisa, Somaliland.
Recent research by the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University (1) in Hargeisa, Somaliland, offers some insights into the situation of this population and the challenges they face, drawing on twelve individual interviews and group discussions with some twenty-five people, carried out with the help of two Oromo-speaking research assistants in July 2008, as well as consultations with NGO workers, UNHCR, government officials, business people, and other local residents.
HARGEISA, Somaliland -- The Somaliland Ministry of Water and Mineral Resources (Ministry) announced today that it will add 6,221 square kilometers of onshore acreage in block SL3 to their petroleum licensing round, closing in December 2009.
For instance, in Hargeisa, Somaliland, UN-Habitat worked to strengthen the tax base through the mapping of all households and businesses in the city thereby enhancing revenue generation for basic service provision as well as local government legitimacy and accountability.
IOM, in close collaboration with the Government of Somaliland and in partnership with UN agencies, has opened a new Digle permanent settlement in Hargeisa, Somaliland, for 500 displaced (IDP) families who in the past lived in destitute temporary settlements.