Harlem River

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Harlem River,

navigable tidal channel, 8 mi (12.9 km) long with Spuyten Duyvil Creek, in New York City, SE N.Y., separating Manhattan from the Bronx. Connecting the Hudson and East rivers, it is a shipping shortcut between Long Island Sound and river ports north of New York City. Several railroad and many street bridges span the river.
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A thick plume of smoke rose from the Harlem River bridge connecting Manhattan and the Bronx at 138th Street, suspending service on the Metro-North railroad that serves commuters north of the city.
Television images showed pilings on fire in the Harlem River, with huge
In spring, in the early morning, I may see the Columbia University crew team on the Harlem River.
At one point he crossed into Manhattan, probably on a railroad trestle over the Harlem River, and ventured south into Riverside Park.
Due to an editing error, "A Breath of Air in Harlem" (In Brief, September/October 2000) mistakenly referred to the highway blocking Harlem's access to the waterfront as the Harlem River Drive.
The Post's new plant comes at a cost of almost 100 million dollars for property improvements on the site of the old Harlem River rail yards and more than 75 million dollars for new equipment, including color offset printing presses (E(and)P, June 12, p.
All with zoom lenses, capable of capturing a Paul O'Neill hissy fit from a floating tower built on the Harlem River if necessary.
In the words of writer Luis Tamargo --contributing editor of Latin Beat Magazine and responsible for the liner notes in this production, "the concept behind this album was born when my favorite Frenchman, Jacques Hubert of Tonga Records suggested to producer Greg Landau to record a remake of the 1971 classic Eddie Palmieri LP Harlem River Drive".
Roosevelt (FDR) Drive, together with its Harlem River Drive extension, is the only limited-access highway running the entire length of Manhattan.
The green team will work to beautify the neighborhood and then spread into adjacent Highbridge Park, which stretches for two miles along the Harlem River.
20) The 369th was also a beloved community institution, based in the heart of Harlem, its armory overlooking the Harlem River at 142nd Street.