harness racing

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harness racing:

see horse racinghorse racing,
trials of speed involving two or more horses. It includes races among harnessed horses with one of two particular gaits, among saddled Thoroughbreds (or, less frequently, quarterhorses) on a flat track, or among saddled horses over a turf course with obstacles to
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The truly successful harness racers, as is the case in most sports, are both talented and put in the hard work to improve.
Champion harness racer Megan Taff's bid to set up an equine treatment centre near Bodelwyddan has been rejected by one vote by planning councilor
But that was not the full extent of his talents because, at various stages in his career, he was a football manager, bloodstock agent, bar proprietor, owner of horses, harness racers, and greyhounds, as well as a promoter of Irish show-bands and big-name overseas football teams.