Harold Clurman

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Clurman, Harold


Born Sept. 18, 1901, in New York. American theater director and critic.

Clurman studied directing at the American Laboratory Theater in New York. He joined the Greenwich Village Playhouse in 1924 and worked for the Guild Theater from 1925 to 1931.

Clurman was a founding member of the Group Theater, the leading US theater of the 1930’s (1931–41). It developed a national American school of acting following the principles formulated by Stanislavsky. Clurman’s most significant work there was the production of plays by C. Odets. After the Group Theater closed, Clurman directed for the Broadway theater (for example, Simonov’s Russian People, 1945). He devoted much attention to new American and foreign dramatic works. In 1963–64, Clurman was a consultant to the Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center. In the postwar years Clurman frequently contributed drama criticism to various US and British periodicals. His articles and essays were published under the title Lies Like Truth.


Lies Like Truth. New York, 1958.


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