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see Indus valley civilizationIndus valley civilization,
ancient civilization that arose about 3300 B.C. in the valley of the Indus River and its tributaries, in the northwestern portion of the Indian subcontinent, i.e., present-day Pakistan, and was at its height from about 2600 B.C. to about 1900 B.C.
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the ruins of one of the chief centers of the Harappan civilization, located near an old bed of the Ravi River, near Multan, Pakistan. The ruins were discovered by R. Sahni in 1921 and subsequently investigated by M. S. Vats, M. Wheeler, and G. F. Dales. The settlement occupied an area of more than 260 hectares and consisted of a citadel and the lower city. The lower city, laid out according to a well-defined plan, was divided into various quarters and separate production complexes, the latter including granaries, round grain-pounding platforms, and a foundry. Other objects of material culture found at Harappa are characteristic of all the settlements of the Harappan civilization.


Vats, M. S. Excavations at Harappa, vols. 1–2. Delhi, 1940.


an ancient city in the Punjab in NW Pakistan: one of the centres of the Indus civilization that flourished from 2500 to 1700 bc; probably destroyed by Indo-European invaders
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In the early period under the Harrappa and Mahenjodaro civilization, there was trade among Afghanistan, Beluchistan, West India, Bahrain, Persia, West Asia through Sea route of Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Sindhu river and Tigrees and Euphrates rivers and usually gold, silver, copper, precious stones, wood, peacock, etc.
It quickly engulfed the important stations of Kamalia, Pindi Sheikh Musa, Syedwala, Harrappa, Chichawatni, Tulumba, Serai Sidhu, Shorkot, Jamlera, Sahooka, Kaboola and Pakpattan.
The Indus region was the site of several ancient cultures including Mehrgarh and the Indus Valley Civilization at Harrappa and Mohenjo Daro.