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Ethiopia: see HararHarar
or Harrar
, city (1994 pop. 76,378), capital of Harar region, E central Ethiopia, at an altitude of c.6,000 ft (1,830 m). It is the trade center for a region where coffee, cereals, and cotton are produced. Harar was probably founded in the 7th cent.
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Harrar added that people with dyslexia might learn associations between letters and their sounds faster if they first hear the sound and then see the corresponding letter or word.
Harrar led all aspects of Comcast's flagship video business, including basic and digital cable, HD, video on-demand and DVR services.
Moving from Union Square to 55th Street has interrupted business, but Harrar is happy with his new deal.
Other events include celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the largely Muslim city of Harrar and other religious sites such as Lalibella with its rock-hewn churches and Axum, once the seat of Ethiopian orthodox Christianity, with the Ark of the Covenant and its ancient pre-Christian obelisks.
The developers, Abraham Sandberg and Eli Harrar, originally received a $2.
We'd see each other every day, and we became better friends," says Gloria Harrar, 79.
His various exploits, such as his notorious "secret pilgrimage" to Mecca and Medina disguised as a Muslim, or to the "forbidden city" of Harrar, or his bold but thwarted attempts to identify the source of the Nile, coupled with the sheer outsized extravagance of his personality, have made him irresistible.
It seems curious, then, to find a wider spatial compass in Megalithismes, with papers by Tara Steimer & Frank Braemer on `Monuments funeraires megalithiques au proche-orient', and by Roger Joussaume on `Ethiopie: dolmens du Harrar et traditions des steles'.
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Their hopes, dreams and aspirations in an increasingly crowded world are the subject of a new documentary by independent filmmaker Linda Harrar that will air next fall on PBS, possibly on the Day of Six Billion.
We just put them out and they sell," said Randy Harrar, vice president.
Setzer, Florence, Lee Bawden, William Harrar, and Stuart Kerachsky.