Harriet Ross Tubman

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Tubman, Harriet Ross


Born circa 1820, in Bucktown, Md.; died Mar. 10, 1913, in Auburn, N.Y. Opponent of Negro slavery in the USA; a heroine of the Negro people. Daughter of a slave.

After escaping from slavery (c. 1849), Tubman joined the abolitionist movement (seeABOLITIONISM). During the 1850’s, she was active in the Underground Railroad; she made 19 trips to the slaveholding South and personally freed 300 slaves. Tubman was a scout and nurse in the Union Army during the Civil War, and in the summer of 1863 she participated in a campaign to free 750 slaves. After the war, Tubman continued her fight against the oppression of Negroes and campaigned for equal rights for women.

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We have been expending our sympathies, as well as congratulations, on seven newly arrived slaves that Harriet Tubman has just pioneered safely from the Southern part of Maryland - One woman carried a baby all the way, & brot two other children that Harriet & the men helped along.
But Harriet Tubman House, an independent hospital not run by the NHS,was an uncommon success with overall results showing two-thirds of hospitals checked were failing to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.
Harriet Tubman fought for freedom and released more than 300 cotton pickers in America's South who used her underground rail movement to escape the symbolism of a working nation.
From June through October, a selection of tours travel the towns and sites in Western New York that played host to the thousands of runaways who passed through, including Harriet Tubman who escaped into Canada.
In Boys with Basketball (version I) #I, 2001, the basketball catches fire, while the brilliantly colored halo patterns surrounding the main figure in Harriet Tubman (version 2) #I, 2001, may be glorious emanations of some kind of physical or spiritual energy--and yet they seem to consume the bearer of that energy.
Come on up I got a lifeline Come on up to this train of mine She said her name was Harriet Tubman And she drove for the Underground Railroad.
The scene would be one of a series of murals called The Dreams of Harriet Tubman.
Lawrence also painted narrative and descriptive scenes from the slavery period and civil rights movement such as his "portrait" series of Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and John Brown where be uses steep, skewed perspectives and sharp, angular forms to convey the energy, movement and tension of their narratives.
My daughter has learned much at her grade school about Jackie Robinson and Harriet Tubman, but she has not heard a word about Jesus Christ, or Saint Paul, or Muhammad, or Buddha, or Confucius.
Time invoked Harriet Tubman, Sojouner Truth, and Rosa Parks.
Listen to Harriet Tubman speak about her life as an anti-slavery activist or Susan B.
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