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The best feature of this new study of Harsa is its analysis of the feudal character of Harsa's state.
of Water supply scheme for village Patti Dulachi & Harsa Bela, Block Anandpur Sahib Distt.
Tenders are invited for Collection Of User Fee Through Fee Collecting Agency On The Basis Of Competitive Bidding On E-Tender Basis At Harsa Mansar Toll Plaza Located At Km 84.
9) It has always seemed to me that many of Bharata's "rules" can equally convincingly be explained as calques on the already "classical" status achieved by Kalidasa, or other dramatists, particularly Sri Harsa - and this is never so evident as in the case at issue.
Thomas, The Harsa Carita of Bona (translated), second edition (Delhi: 1961), 199-201.
Amsuvarma, most likely under the influence of Harsa Samvat which is
According to Michelle Harsa, merchandise manager for America's Health Network, sleeping aids such as therapeutic pillows, Yoga and Tai Chi video tapes and sound conditioners have been successful.
There are ways in which Terence's cynicism places him with the Sanskrit dramatist Visakadatta, both contrasting with the Sanskrit writer Harsa, who could in turn be paired with Plautus.
Susan Harsa French 1, French 3 Honors, French 4 Honors Saint Francis High School Wheaton Mr.
When the wagon reached on Jhang road, Harsa Billa the driver felt drowsy and lost control over speed and the wagon rammed with sand trolley RU/7861 killing six passengers including real father and son while injuring twenty-eight passengers.
Furthermore, for at least three centuries, the Kannauj court had been home to some of history's most celebrated Sanskrit poets: Bana, Harsa, Mayura, and, in all probability, Bhavabhuti.