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Cuba and the EU held the initial round of talks in April in Havana, and the second round in August in Brussels.
The souring of relations between Cuba and the USA, its near neighbour, 50 years ago has made Havana appear like a city that has stopped in time with its dependence on old-style technology.
Underground mineral resources at Havana Deeps, previously reported outside the Havana pit design, have been adjusted to reflect mineralization that lies outside this pit shell.
The stunning models pulled on their best hula-hula skirts to ensure everyone at the new Havana Nightclub instantly forgot about the Winter blues.
Havana Club was originally created by the Arechabala family in Cuba in the 1930s, but the family assets were confiscated in 1960 after the Cuban revolution.
Pernod Ricard produce el ron Havana Club que se fabrica en Cuba, mientras que Bacardi produce su version en Puerto Rico.
For the second year in a row, Havana Cultura is making its way to Galway's Latin Quarter (the are in the left bank of the Corrib).
Alejandro de la Fuente's Havana and the Atlantic in the Sixteenth Century thus fills an enormous gap in Cuban historiography.
In his latest contribution to The University of North Carolina Press's Envisioning Cuba series, University of Pittsburgh professor Alejandro de la Fuente moves backward in time from his study of race in the twentieth century (de la Fuente 2001) to address Havana during the sixteenth century.
This author joins hundreds of travelers who over the years have penned their impressions of Cuba and its capital city of Havana.
Havana Central, a Cuban-themed restaurant chain, will now occupy the space.
Havana adult buck 1 and 3 P Gauton (Barnsley), 2 C Pumehard (Cannock).