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a cylindrical roll of cured tobacco leaves, for smoking

What does it mean when you dream about a cigar?

A psychoanalytic symbol for the male organ, though when Freud was once asked about his cigar, he famously responded that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Smokers tend to associate anxiety and/or relaxation with cigarettes.

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Wilde Havana cigars are not made in Cuba, nor do they contain 100% Cuban tobacco.
provides a high quality but relaxed ambience specialising in an extensive range of spirits, cocktails, an extensive wine list, a wide selection of food from snacks to three-course meals and Havana cigars.
There's a smoking room off the entrance where golfers can tee up a few whiskies and celebrate a winning round with Havana cigars.
One of Winston Churchill's trademark Havana cigars sold for pounds 1,050 to a buyer in Australia at a charity auction in the Cotswolds yesterday.
It is believed the items - whiskey, brandy and Havana cigars - were Christmas presents for friends and constituents which were gift wrapped and delivered to the minister.
Bruce knocked back glasses of his favourite cocktail - Russian Vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice over ice - while chewing on thick Romeo y Julietta Havana cigars which cost pounds 10 each.
The billion-dollar movie deals, the whisky-fuelled late nights, the earthy banter enjoyed through a haze of smoke from the very finest Havana cigars.
He puffed on huge Havana cigars and read a book on strength training.
to possess one of the largest collections of pre-Castro Havana cigars in
I'm still doing research into Havana cigars and Burgundy wines, but when I've done that thesis I may graduate to other subjects.
Back in the GDR era, Petra Hoyer secretly sold Havana cigars and self-made fashion.
Harry said: "We would get a big Indian curry lock everyone else out, have two good bottles of wine, two Havana cigars and rewatch the same old submarine movies.