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(also grass silage), a feed prepared from grasses dried to a 50–55 percent moisture content and preserved in airtight conditions. Grasses from natural grasslands and cultivated grasses are used in haylage. Legumes must be harvested no later than the onset of flowering, and cereals are harvested in the heading phase. Legume hay crops are crushed to accelerate drying; the dried grass is then chopped up by pickup choppers or special combines with pickup units.

Sealed metal or reinforced-concrete vertical containers, or silos, are used to store the haylage; brick and concrete vertical silos are also used. In upright silos 16–18 m tall the haylage is compacted by its own weight. In low vertical silos the crop is compressed by compactors, and in trenches the haylage is compacted by crawlers (Caterpillar tractors). The feed is stored in a dry environment to prevent active development of bacteria and sealed to preclude the development of mold.

One hundred kg of clover haylage has approximately 35–40 feed units, 4–5 kg of digestible protein, 450–460 g of calcium, 200–220 g of phosphorus, and 3,000–4,000 mg of carotene. Haylage is a loose feed, which makes mechanized distribution easy. It does not freeze owing to its low moisture content. Haylage can replace silage and hay completely in the diet of cattle.


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These recommendations enable them to feed their cows a total mixed ration of corn silage, haylage, and grains, balanced according to the energy, protein, and fiber needs for each group of cows according to their stage of lactation.
Second, new innovations have made a Harvestore faster to fill and unload in today's modern farming operation, and third, a Harvestore is still the best storage option for maintaining the highest quality haylage when compared to bags and bunkers.
On our farm, all dry matter for dry cows is haylage or dry hay of medium quality--120 relative feed value (RFV).
Three horse boxes, worth around pounds 30,000, were burned out and a store of haylage was destroyed.
THE charity is also appealing for help after the price of haylage has gone up this winter.
individual, association, firm, or corporation actively engaged in growing, producing, handling, processing, or purchasing alfalfa/forage hay or haylage, or alfalfa seed in the United States or in supplying goods or commercial services to producers of alfalfa/forage hay or haylage, or alfalfa seed in the United States.
Each farm would have 500 acres of cropland comprised of 250 acres of hay or haylage and 250 acres of corn, of which 150 acres would be harvested for corn silage and 100 acres for grain.
It is an excellent match for the Gehl Bunker Buster II attachment for silage and haylage.
Bales of haylage sold at PS15 and silage at PS14 per bale.
Silage has several variations in preservation type including chopped silage, haylage, and baleage.
The judging of the Cattle and Pairs of Lambs was held on Monday evening 3rd December when 22 Cattle FOR SALE BIG BALE HAYLAGE & HAY DELIVERED J R WHITLOW 01386 793880 / 07801 179821 (WORCS)
As well as cash or donations of hay, straw and haylage, the family also welcome everything from trailers or paddock cleaners to items that can be sold in their charity shop.