Hazardous material

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hazardous material

[′haz·ərd·əs mə′tir·ē·əl]
A poison, corrosive agent, flammable substance, explosive, radioactive chemical, or any other material which can endanger human health or well-being if handled improperly.

Hazardous material

Any material used in building construction that can be harmful to the construction workers or future occupants of the building; such as asbestos.
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But we may not stop to think that other hazardous materials move on our roads every day.
hazardous material, which meets or exceeds federal reporting threshold
The training is intended to help emergency responders prepare for hazardous materials incidents, and to educate the public about hazardous material safety.
Further details are available in the Fire Protection Guide on Hazardous Materials.
Guideline preparation drew largely from information from the International Maritime Organization Marine Environment Protection Committee on ship recycling and from the International Chamber of Shipping standard inventory of potentially hazardous materials aboard vessels and code of good practice for shipowners.
Elements of the project included: hazardous material abatement, disposal of assets, construction of till core dams, demolition, shaft capping, tailings, relocation and site landscaping.
To start with, hazardous material transporters are dangerously overworked.
Hospitals across the nation have since had the responsibility to develop policies for identifying and managing hazardous material.
DMV Director Duane Bannock said Alaska drivers who have a current Hazardous Material Endorsement on their Alaska commercial driver's license, or apply for an HME renewal or transfer, must comply with the new security requirements.
One added-value feature built into Task Force Bastogne consists of a half dozen hazardous material experts from the U.
Training is required for all hazardous materials employees who perform functions subject to the requirements of the hazardous material regulations.

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