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hazard material

Articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, or property when transported by air. Also called hazardous materials, hazmat, or dangerous goods.
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The Department of Transportations' record on hazmat trucking is just as deplorable.
Jack Peters, owner of Haz-Mat Transportation Services of Anchorage, a company providing training, consulting and repackaging for hazmat shipping, says some 650 items available in grocery stores are classified as hazardous materials.
Uniquely dependent on air transport, Alaska businesses face more problems with hazmat transportation than shippers Outside.
John White, special agent for hazardous materials with the Federal Aviation Administration in Anchorage, reports that in 1991, 40 violations of hazmat air transport were discovered in Alaska, 34 of them involving hidden hazardous materials.
Sam Krogstad, president of Bush Consolidators, an Anchorage freight-consolidating company serving remote Alaska communities, says, "Nobody likes to do hazmat.
Companies shipping hazardous materials need to be sure that each shipment complies with DOT and IATA regulations and meets carrier requirements," said Luis Zambrana, president of Hazmat Software.
Hazmat Software develops Web and Mobile Enterprise Software Solutions for hazardous materials management and shipping.