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(mining engineering)
Distance between the drill platform and the bottom of the sheave wheel.
Height between the floor and the roof in a mine opening.


The clear vertical distance between a floor or stair tread and the ceiling or overhead obstruction.

headroom, headway

1. The clear vertical space (as from floor to ceiling), esp. the height which is available for passage.
2. In the stage-house of a theater, the clear height over the gridiron.
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This headroom should remain available for utilization during peaks in working capital requirements.
In addition to 64-bit computing, the new system integrates a full suite of new technologies that deliver more performance and headroom for future scalability.
Based on the proposed agenda in the EGM, and after accounting the share issuance for the share exchange with Hon Hai and the headroom for full conversion of convertible bonds, SPIL's headroom between authorized and issued shares will be 797.
This competition is part of HeadRoom's pledge and commitment to create an eco-system that will promote innovation and propel the growth of startups and small businesses," says Dan Lievens, HeadRoom Co-Founder.
Max Headroom was originally created in 1984 to host music videos on Channel 4 and was played by Canadian actor Matt Frewer with the help of prosthetic make–up, sunglasses and a suit made of fibreglass.
Thomas Cook said the original loan terms were agreed in May 2010, but factors such as the volcanic ash cloud, unrest in the Middle East and North Africa and under-performance of its UK business had squeezed headroom.
We missed the boat on bringing you the news of BBCNI's amazing Headroom gig at the Oh Yeah Centre on Monday night with General Fiasco, Duke Special, Panama Kings and Kowalski among others.
We have headroom to raise about INR43bn in both Tier-I and Tier-II capital,' the executive said.
S&P published the report on RatingsDirect, entitled, " The US debt ceiling: As Headroom Shrinks, It's Time To Raise The Roof Beams .
Meanwhile, do you remember Max Headroom, the computer generated TV personality back in the late eighties?
Michael Portillo: Death of a School Friend, is one of several programmes showing in the Headroom season, a two-year mental health and wellbeing project.
Bulk solids handling specialists, Flexicon (Europe) Ltd have announced a new, Split Frame Unloader that allows discharging of bulk bags and rigid totes from mezzanines and other low headroom areas.