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Head Start,

U.S. educational program for disadvantaged preschool children, established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Aimed initially only at poor children, its purpose was to organize programs that would prepare preschool children for elementary school. Money was appropriated through the Office of Economic Opportunity, which made individual grants to cities and other localities to set up Head Start centers. In 1969 the program was transferred to the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (now Health and Human Services). It was later extended to children above the poverty level, whose parents, however, had to pay according to their income.
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Kent county council has been successful in receiving funding from the big lottery fund to deliver the headstart programme to improve the emotional wellbeing and resilience of 10-16 year olds and achieve systemic and lasting change for young people and communities in kent.
Espark-Viridian in association with Headstart Network is committed to promoting entrepreneurship in India.
In the 15th minutes of the first half, Hafsa Nasir scored first goal for Headstart and Eman equalized the match in the 20th minutes.
Several engineers have referred to Headstart Cymru and explained that it helped them to make the right decisions in choosing courses to study in the future.
Some rumours, meanwhile, have suggested that the G7 will premiere with the Snapdragon 845, in which case it will gain a significant headstart with the new chipset.
The headstart program is based at the Combat Center's Tortoise Research and Captive Rearing Site (TRACRS), which encompasses a series of enclosures offering natural habitat that is secure from predators.
Last year, Wolverhampton City Council was given PS500,000 by the Big Lottery Fund to establish a series of pilot HeadStart projects which would test different ways of supporting young people, improving their mental health and well-being and giving them the best chance to do well at school and in life.
They joined Kirklees Council Headstart Young Ambassador Lauren Puckering outside Huddersfield's bus station as part of a nationwide campaign, which has come about due to statistics that show that only half of those in the age category bother to register.
The grant will enable the next phase of the Headstart programme which supports 10 to 14-year-olds.
Grants of PS500,000 have been given to partnerships in Birmingham and Wolverhampton as part of the Big Lottery Fund's HeadStart programme.
As a first step, players need to get a Mega Headstart from the Mystery Box.
The survey was commissioned to mark the launch of the Big Lottery Fund's PS75m HeadStart initiative, which is aimed at helping youngsters aged 10 to 14 cope with the pressure of modern life.