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Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer characteristics of refrigerant/oil mixtures on metal foam covers were experimentally investigated at a wide range of oil concentrations.
By achieving such a thin coating, the additional layer of alumina did not appreciably increase thermal resistance, but it did increase the overall heat transfer.
An increase of the device current-carrying capacity can be achieved by increasing the heat transfer coefficient [alpha], which in turn causes a decrease of resistance [R.
Nowadays, the study and intensification of heat transfer in thermal processes of various technical and technological equipments represent up-to-date discussion topics not only in terms of maximum energy utilisation and consequently also time and finance savings, but also in terms of environmental protection.
Several studies compared heat transfer and pressure drop of three to ten refrigerants, thereby comparing low GWP alternatives to more conventional refrigerants, while others studied refrigerant performance in systems (Bolaji, 2010; Bella et al.
5], Gao [6] and Donovan [7], concluded that the local heat transfer coefficients for confined jets are more sensitive to Reynolds number and nozzle-to-plate spacing.
Analysis of Heat Transfer Equation of Thermal Probe in Single-Phase Flow
To characterize the heating behavior of canned particulates in this retort, the researchers filled the cans with a single nylon particle, in an unlimited heat transfer condition, in glycerin, and processed it under different operating temperatures: 110 C and 130 C; at from 0 to 240 reciprocations per minute; and at different amplitudes ranging from 0 cm to 25 cm.
A heat flux sensor (greenTEG gSkin) was used to measure the heat transfer coefficient beneath the impingement dryer.
The nano-additive increases the heat transfer efficiency of the heat transfer fluid, and reduces the moisture content.
compared between using Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) and Direct Steam Generation (DSG).
This gives you the overall heat-transfer coefficient, which is the heat transfer between the polymer and the cooling medium.