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Subban closed the scoring with a heat-seeker from the right point that Tuukka Rask didn't have a chance on at 4:17 of the second OT.
Back in 1997, a Sikorsky was downed by the PKK in northern Iraq with SA-7 Russian-made heat-seeker guided missiles.
HEAT-SEEKER Ramsay is still on the trail of his rivals in Malaysia
You can feel it and see it and he's one I really like," said Fallon of the son of Giant's Causeway, who was beaten four and three-quarter lengths by subsequent National Stakes third Heat-seeker at Tipperary in August.
This next generation of Sidewinder missile allows the pilot to get a heat-seeker lock on enemy aircraft that are further from the nose of the fighter and shoot preemptively at an enemy jet.
Her claim that she had committed a serious assault sparked a huge search for a victim, with 40 officers and a police helicopter using heat-seeker equipment combing nearby fields.
A police helicopter with heat-seeker and searchlights joined tracker dog patrols and eventually located the 33-year-old near a level crossing at West Tarring, West Sussex.
IBM is now tweaking the top-end of that line with high performance, including industry-first personal video recording capabilities, for the heat-seeker crowd.
For heat-seekers and those who really want a tan, Lanzarote is the hottest of the islands due to it being only 70 kilometres from the Sahara Desert.
It bugs me, when I hear about heat-seekers, those types who just love hot weather and can't stand the cold.
The UK has become a nation of heat-seekers, with more than 42% of consumers now enjoying spicy foods on a regular basis--at home or when eating out.
Armed with heat-seekers and surveillance technology, Unmanned Ariel Vehicles have been in development in Northern Ireland for months.