Heavy Artillery

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heavy artillery

[′hev·ē är′til·ə·rē]
Artillery other than antiaircraft artillery; consists of howitzers and longer-barreled cannon not classified as medium artillery.

Heavy Artillery


a type of field artillery used in various armies, including the Red Army, in the first half of the 20th century. Heavy artillery was used to destroy field structures and targets under cover. The category included howitzers, cannon, and mortars in calibers of 105 to 155 mm. In modern armies there is no longer any distinction made between light and heavy artillery.

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Faller, who writes about artillery, researched diaries, memoirs, journals, and collections of letters to document the history of the Indiana Jackass Regiment, the 21st Infantry/1st Heavy Artillery, during the Civil War.
Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces exchanged heavy artillery fire near the western city of Zlitan on Friday as the rebels tried to push deeper into government-held territory east of the capital.
The military is often using heavy artillery and ordering more air strikes.
Colombo's "concession" is meaningless because the war has entered a phase when heavy artillery is useless and aerial strikes counterproductive.
Some of Ron's critics owe him an apology - and, more to the point, they ought to be aiming their heavy artillery at the suits in the Royal British Legion who are taking over control of ex-service clubs from members.
Hundreds of horses pulled heavy artillery for the invasion of Russia on the longest day in 1941.
A Defence Ministry official said troops continued to move at a slow pace amid heavy artillery from both sides.
That decision to discontinue using heavy artillery coincided with the purchase of lighter, more mobile 105-mm howitzers.
So clearly, it was time to employ the heavy artillery of celebrity shills and free stuff.
This included some heavy artillery cannon fire which lasted briefly before the narrative came in again,but which was then interrupted in loud explosions.
It is time for pro-lifers to roll out their heavy artillery, and use the words of this universally respected writer to confound such pernicious moral idiocy.
So before you drag out the heavy artillery and go "Rambo" on your garden, why nut try a few of these organic gardening tips?