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Roman philosopher: see BoethiusBoethius
, Boetius
, or Boece
(Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius), c.475–525, Roman philosopher and statesman. An honored figure in the public life of Rome, where he was consul in 510, he became the able minister of the Emperor Theodoric.
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30) As Hector Boece explains in the dedication to James V, he appealed to Sabellicus as an authority for the Scotorum Historia.
There is much argument as to whether Hector Boece, chronicler and principal of Kings College was correct in stating that "in order to leave no place of refuge for the English in Aberdeen, they levelled the castle to the ground", shortly after routing the occupiers.
Trevor-Roper suggests that in a successful attempt to win back history from the Picts and then to establish independence against England, medieval Scottish historians such as John of Fordun, Walter Bower, and Hector Boece engaged in "the replacement of history by myth" (p.
Hector Boece is thought to have appropriated his paradigm of luxury and corruption from Livy's Ab urbe condita.
As it did for their contemporary Hector Boece, this preoccupation enjoined a European horizon from which neither they nor virtually any of their successors could ever fully depart.
Of course, scholars from other countries made comparable claims on their peoples' behalf: the English, thanks to Geoffrey of Monmouth, in their own descent from Brutus the Trojan; the Scots, thanks to Hector Boece, in theirs from Egyptian forebears.