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CaFeSi2O6 A black mineral consisting of calcium-iron pyroxene and occurring at the contacts of limestone with granitic masses.



(named after the 19th-century Swedish mineralogist L. Hedenberg), a mineral of the pyroxene group, CaFe(Si2O6), hedenbergite often contains a mixture of Mg and Mn2+. It crystallizes in a monoclinic system, forming radially fibrous or large rodlike aggregates. Its color is dark green, its hardness is 5.5-6 on the mineralogical scale, and its density is 5,500-6,000 kg/m3. It is found mainly in contact deposits of magnetite and in various calcic skarns. When subjected to weathering it is transformed mainly into siliceous iron ochres.

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The veins are surrounded by a 5- to 10-cm-wide alteration zone that consists of calcite, dolomite, diopside, hedenbergite, vesuvianite, and base-metal sulfides.
Hedenbergite and ilvaite skarn mineralization is common within the massive sulfide zone.