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CaFeSi2O6 A black mineral consisting of calcium-iron pyroxene and occurring at the contacts of limestone with granitic masses.



(named after the 19th-century Swedish mineralogist L. Hedenberg), a mineral of the pyroxene group, CaFe(Si2O6), hedenbergite often contains a mixture of Mg and Mn2+. It crystallizes in a monoclinic system, forming radially fibrous or large rodlike aggregates. Its color is dark green, its hardness is 5.5-6 on the mineralogical scale, and its density is 5,500-6,000 kg/m3. It is found mainly in contact deposits of magnetite and in various calcic skarns. When subjected to weathering it is transformed mainly into siliceous iron ochres.

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The most spectacular piece is a combination specimen of sphalerite, quartz, andradite and hedenbergite over 25 cm in diameter.
Trachytes (CR 580) contain hedenbergite and abundant alkali feldspar phenocrysts in a groundmass with hedenbergite microlites and recrystallized feldspar and quartz.
1998, Equilibria among titanite, hedenbergite, fayalite, quartz, ilmenite and magnetite: experiments and internally consistent thermodynamic data for titanite, Amer.
The veins are surrounded by a 5- to 10-cm-wide alteration zone that consists of calcite, dolomite, diopside, hedenbergite, vesuvianite, and base-metal sulfides.
The stockworks consist of small veins and veinlets composed of quartz, orthoclase, hedenbergite and sulphides, principally pyrite.
Hedenbergite and ilvaite skarn mineralization is common within the massive sulfide zone.
Associated species of note include quartz, calcite, wollastonite, hedenbergite, "garnet" (andradite-grossular), fluorapophyllite and manganaxinite.
Von Bezing (2006) reports platy yellow hedenbergite crystals in calcsilicate marble from the Tubussis 22 andradite locality west of the Erongo Mountains.
The associated gangue minerals for the base metal ores are axinite, hedenbergite and quartz.
Associated minerals include pellyite, barite , hedenbergite, quartz, andradite, titantaramellite, gillespite, sanbomite, muirite, UK-10, chalcopyrite and witherite (Montgomery et al.
have yielded excellent minerals typical of skarn deposits (epidote, amphibole, hedenbergite, andradite-grossular, magnetite etc.