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(ivy), a genus of plants of the family Araliaceae. The plants are evergreen woody lianas. The stems have aerial roots by which the plant clings to its support. The alternate leaves are entire or three- to flve-lobed. Heterophylly is typical. The greenish yellow flowers are bisexual, pentamerous, and small. They are gathered in a solitary umbel or in umbels assembled in a raceme. The flowers bloom in autumn, and the fruit is a berry.

There are 15 species of Hedera (according to other data, six), distributed in the mountain zones of the Mediterranean (to the Caucasus), in Western and Central Europe, in the western Himalayas, and in East Asia. They grow in forests, where they climb cliffs, rocky places, and trees. The USSR has five or six species, growing in the Caucasus, the Crimea, and the Western European USSR. Ivy has been used for a long time to decorate walls and as a house plant.

The English ivy (H. helix), a European species, is most often grown. It has three- to five-lobed juvenile leaves, and the fruiting shoots have entire, ovate leaves. The many cultivated forms of English ivy are distinguished by their color and the shape of their leaves. Ivy yields significant amounts of nectar in the fall. The fruits contain saponins and other glycosides.


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2005), and thus deviates from most other cases of heteroblastic changes in leaf shape, a classic example being Hedera helix that produces lobed leaves as "juvenile" and entire leaves as "adult".
Planting an idea: Alistair Moore, director of Hedera Screens.
Hedera was nominated for that Waterloo Cup by Matt Bruton, the Sporting Press's breeding guru.
2%--polyphenols 40% African sidoides soft ethanol Geranium extract (a) roots (7) 22 English Ivy Hedera helix 12.
The talks are organized in three tracks about user experiences and case studies, integration with other cloud tools, and interoperability and HPC clouds and include speakers from leading organizations like CloudWeavers, Terradue, NETWAYS, INRIA, BBC, inovex, AGS Group, Hedera, NetOpenServices, CESNET or CESCA.
Hedera helix will thrive in all soils and situations, producing glossy green leaves, and H.
Don't think of ivy as boring, there are many types including tiny-leaved Itsy Bitsy and giant-leaved Hedera canariensis, which has leaves up to 6in across.
If you have enough space, plant native trees like willow, oak and birch as they can support huge numbers of insects and caterpillars (B&Q Ivy Hedera Assorted, 98p, Most of us like to have a tidy garden, but try and leave a few areas where bugs can thrive and multiply.
Rowan, spindle, hawthorn, cotoneaster, honeysuckle, holly and ivy all have berries which birds love (try B&Q's Ivy Hedera Assorted, 98p per pot).
Look also to your ivies, meaning Hedera (the true ivies), Swedish ivies in wonderful variety (Plectranthus), Ficus (the creeping figs), Zebrina and all of the other `inch plants' that can serve admirably as the "weepers" or "sprawlers" used in conjunction with the "fillers" and "uprights" in combination containers.
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Hedera helix, the traditional English ivy, is widely grown and a good choice for a wreath or table decoration.