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on July 5 at Xingcheng Coal Mine in Xing'an District of Hegang City, sources with the Heilongjiang provincial work safety authority confirmed.
The coal-based urea project with a total annual production capacity of 520 thousand tons in Hegang, Heilongjiang, advanced vigorously as planned, and the geological exploration report of the ancillary coal mine has also been approved by the government.
1 Hegang Rd Development Zone Dalian, 116600 China 86-411-6277-0479 www.
The accident happened Wednesday in Xing'an District of the resource-rich Hegang City, the emergency rescue headquarters said.
Hegang (Heilongjiang Province, China), May 3 (Xinhua-ANI): Two officials who are being held responsible for a coal mine flood that left nine people dead and five others missing in northeast China's Heilongjiang province have been removed from their posts, authorities said Thursday.
It's now over a day since the gas blast at a colliery in the country's far northeast, which happened when there were reportedly 528 miners at work in the mine, at Hegang in Heilongjiang province.
According to state media, investigators probing last Saturday's explosion in a mine outside the city of Hegang have blamed crowded conditions, insufficient ventilation and slow rescue efforts for the high death toll.
subsidiary in Hegang City, located over 400 km east of the provincial capital
The massive blast in Hegang city in Heilongjiang province erupted at night when some 500 miners were below ground.
Some 60 others were injured in the blast, which ripped through the Xinxing Coal Mine in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, around 2:30 a.
The blast rocked Hegang in Heilongjiang province early on Saturday.
Chinese television news said 528 workers were in the mine at Hegang in Heilongjiang province when the blast erupted in the early hours of Saturday, and 420 had been rescued by Sunday.