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see HegiraHegira
or Hejira
[Ar.,=Hijra=breaking off of relations], the departure of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca in Sept., 622. Muhammad was a monotheist and preached against the polytheism of the Meccan religion.
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, Hejira
1. the departure of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in 622 ad; the starting point of the Muslim era
2. the Muslim era itself
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A A A For his part, Housing minister, Toufiq Hejira, noted that the government aspires to reduce the housing shortage to 27% by 2012.
This low-cost housing has provided up to 350,000 housing units for about two million inhabitants, Housing Minister, Ahmed Taoufiq Hejira, has revealed recently.
The Moroccan housing minister, Ahmed Taoufiq Hejira, told MAP that this election comes in recognition of the progress achieved by Morocco in the field of social housing and the fight against substandard housing.
Summary: Dakar - Moroccan housing Minister, Ahmed Taoufik Hejira, held, on Tuesday in Bamako, talks with Executive Director of the UN Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat), Joan Clos.
The afore-mentioned report (from Maghreb Arabe Presse) was based upon information supplied by the Housing Minister of Morocco, Ahmed Toufiq Hejira.
Housing minister Taoufiq Hejira, who chaired the opening ceremony, underlined the soundness of the Moroccan real estate sector, noting that the year 2009 witnessed some stagnation due to the world economic downturn.
Summary: Nearly 60% of Moroccan families own their homes, Moroccan Housing Minister, Taoufiq Hejira, said on Wednesday.
Summary: Rio de Janeiro - The 5th world urban forum, which started on Monday in Rio de Janeiro, is an occasion to showcase Morocco's experience in territorial development and local governance, Housing minister Ahmed Toufiq Hejira said.
Summary: Montreal - The first Morocco Property Expo, which takes place in Montreal, mirrors the dynamic witnessed by real estate in Morocco and the efforts made by the government to help citizens to have easy access to ownership, said here on Saturday Housing Minister, Ahmed Toufiq Hejira.