Hell Gate

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Hell Gate,

narrow channel of the East River, SE N.Y., between Wards Island and Astoria, Queens, New York City. Named Hellegat by the Dutch navigator Adriaen Block, who passed through it into Long Island Sound in 1614, it was dangerous to ships because of its strong tidal currents and rocks. Cleared of all obstacles, it allows oceangoing vessels to sail between New York harbor and Long Island Sound. It is crossed by the Robert F. Kennedy (formerly Triborough) highway bridge and by the Hell Gate railroad bridge.
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She will provide a quick, smooth ride in the often short chop of Long Island Sound and the menacing Hell Gate.
A sleek window-wall construction and floor-to-ceiling windows in every home allow residents amazing panoramic views of the East River, Triboro Bridge, the Hell Gate Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, and the Queensboro Bridge.
The film will also screen in Queens, NY at the Hell Gate Social Club before they head westward toward California.
The Hell Gate Transit, which was used in the 1916 construction of the Hell Gate Bridge, at that time the longest single span steel bridge in the world, over the Hudson River at the northern tip of Manhattan.
The bridge we have come to know - and which is shown in the blueprint - was drawn up by London firm Mott, Hay and Anderson, based on the Hell Gate Bridge in New York.
Swimmers ranging in age from 17 to 63 set off from Battery Park on the morning tide, taking a counterclockwise route up the East River, through the tricky currents of Hell Gate into the Harlem River and back down Manhattan's west side to the starting point.
The 29ft-long replica of New York's Hell Gate Bridge, valued at about pounds 554,000, was damaged at the Baltic while on display there in 2002, according to a BBC documentary to be aired tonight.
Hell Gate, on a parcel between East 132nd and East 134th streets, Locust Avenue and the East River, in the Bronx, two units.
First to vibrant Vancouver, with its stunning Pacific Rim setting, before boarding the Rocky Mountineer for a memorable two-day train journey to Banff, taking in an array of impressive natural sights such as Fraser Canyon, the spectacular Spiral Tunnels and Hell Gate.
In addition to explaining in layman's terms the principles behind each type of construction and why they are used in given situations, the book offers histories on the origins, construction, and use of iconic structures such as Hell Gate and Starrucca Viaduct, as well as lesser known spans.
I felt very ashamed of being the person who put the nice gentleman in such a difficult and unfair corner and opened aggressive British hell gates against him.