Helmut Schmidt

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Schmidt, Helmut


Born Dec. 23,1918, in Hamburg. Statesman of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Schmidt graduated with a degree in political economy from the University of Hamburg in 1949. In 1946 he had joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SDPG). Schmidt served as a deputy to the Bundestag from 1953 to 1962 and was elected again in 1965. He was chairman of the Social Democratic faction in the Bundestag from 1967 to 1969; he had become vice chairman of the SDPG in 1968. In a coalition government formed by the SDPG and the Free Democratic Party, Schmidt held the posts of minister of defense (1969–72), minister of economics and finance (1972), and minister of finance (1972–74). Schmidt became federal chancellor in May 1974.

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In the presence of the Federal Minister of Trade and Commerce, Michael Glos, and former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Dreyer emphasized in particular the outstanding importance of the relationships for Hamburg's economy: More than 2 million containers are transshipped in Hamburg just in dealings with China.
Schiller, who taught economics at Hamburg University to such successful policymakers as former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, became the first Social Democrat to run the economic ministry on the federal level.
46am, the USS Randall docked and was met by 1,500 fans and an army of reporters as Elvis Presley began his European tour of duty with the American army, arriving at Port Bremerhaven in Germany; 1971: Disney World opened in Florida; 1977: The great Brazilian footballer Pele retired from football; 1982: Helmut Kohl succeeded Helmut Schmidt to become the Federal Chancellor of West Germany; 1988: Mikhail Gorbachev was appointed president of the USSR.
Rhine and Helmut Schmidt observing along with Kanthamani, myself, and other members of the FRNM staff.
The company also announced the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service is a Cray XD1 customer, which adds to an impressive list of early users, including the Ohio Supercomputer Center, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Germany's Helmut Schmidt University and the SAHA Institute of Nuclear Physics (Calcutta, India).
BIRTHDAYS: Helmut Schmidt, former West German chancellor, 95; HM Akihito, Emperor of Japan, 80; Queen Silvia of Sweden, 70; Belinda Lang, actress, 60; Carol Smillie, pictured, TV personality, 52; Eddie Vedder, rock singer (Pearl Jam), 49; Matt Baker, TV presenter, 36; Harry Judd, drummer (McFly), 28.
Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once quipped that politicians who have a vision should go and have their eyes checked.
The CIU conference, which is chaired by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who is honorary president of the council, also discussed ways to ensure enough energy supply and promote world peace and stability, an official statement said.
AT 12 MINUTES past midnight West German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, picked up the hotline" phone .
Helmut Schmidt, president and CEO of FlintSchmidt; Jan Secher, president and CEO of SICPA Group; and Dr.
Over lunches with Bob and the other partners at the bank, Jack McCloy would describe his work as High Commissioner after the War and his admiration for Konrad Adenauer and for the many successors he had known--every chancellor, right up to Helmut Schmidt who was in power at the time.
Other birthdays: Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, 84; actor Harry Shearer, 59; bassist Peter Quaife, 59; former Football Association Chairman Graham Kelly, 57; Italian racing driver Michele Albereto, 46.