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Finland: see HelsinkiHelsinki
, Swed. Helsingfors, city (1998 pop. 546,317), capital of Finland, located in Southern Finland prov., S Finland, on the Gulf of Finland. Situated on a peninsula, sheltered by islands, and protected by the island fortress of Suomenlinna, the city is a natural
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Moreover, unlike other Jewish parties, including the Russian Zionists at the Helsingfors Conference of December 1906 and the SERP (Jewish Socialist Workers' Party), whose demands for autonomy were broader and extended into the political and administrative spheres, the Bund limited its autonomist demands for the Jews and other nationalities to the area of culture, leaving all other matters to fall under the jurisdiction of the common, democratically elected political authorities of the multinational state.
1856, Wotisk grammatik jemte sprakprof och ordforteckning, Helsingfors (Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae V: I).
The topics include the bivalent multilingual city of Barcelona, symbolic representation and public image in Ottawa, Helsinki as Helsingfors in a nation of two official languages, two opposing policy mindsets for language planning in Brussels, and a linguistic bridge at Switzerland's language boundary at Biel/Bienne.
Kirjutisi ilmus palju (Soomes oli ajalehti rohkem kui Eesti alal), nende hulgas teateid sellest, et igiliikur on leiutatud (vt nt Helsingfors Tidningar, 24.
E-thesis - Electronic University of Helsinki Publications at the (Helsingin Yliopisto/ University of Helsinki Helsingfors Universitet), (E-Thesis - Helsingin Finland yliopiston verkkojulkaisut) http://ethesis.
Ac mae'r defnydd o amser yn y stori olaf yn rhyfeddol, lle mae awdur preswyl yn Helsinki/ Helsingfors yn edrych ymlaen at gael ystyr i'w bywyd mewn presennol sydd eisoes yn y dyfodol.
The city of Helsingfors (the Swedish name for Helsinki) was growing at the time.
This was the program he advocated at the Helsingfors Zionist conference in Helsinki in 1906.
1874, Finskt-svenskt lexicon I, Helsingfors (SKST 50).
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