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(hĕl'sĭng-ör`) or


(ĕl`sĭnôr'), city (1992 pop. 43,302), Frederiksborg co., E Denmark, on the Øresund opposite Helsingborg, Sweden. It is an industrial center, fishing port, and summer resort. Manufactures include ships, rubber, machinery, beer, and textiles. Known since the 13th cent., Helsingør experienced its greatest prosperity from the 15th cent. to 1857, when it served as the port where the Danish kings collected tolls from ships passing through the Øresund. It is the site of Kronborg castle (1754–85; completely restored 1925–37), which, although the strongest fortress in Denmark at the time, was taken by the Swedes in 1660. The castle, a World Heritage Site, is used for performances of Shakespeare's Hamlet, which is set there. Also of note in Helsingør is the Church of St. Mary (15th cent.) and the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark (2013).



(Elsinore), a city in Denmark, on the island of Sjælland; situated in the amt (county) of Frederiksborg. Population, 30,200 (1970). Helsingør, a port on the Øresund, is linked by railway ferry and ferry for motor vehicles with the city of Helsingborg, Sweden. It has enterprises of the metallurgy, shipbuilding, food-processing, and textile industries.

The 16th-century royal castle of Kronborg in Helsingør is the scene of Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet.

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One Swedish reporter gave an example: If the hospital in Helsingor laid off many Danish nurses, then there would be no story to tell, but if the layoffs involved Swedish nurses, then it would become a newsworthy local story.
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Several years of entering competitions and building private houses followed, but the first important breakthrough came in 1956 with the brick and tile Kingo housing development at Helsingor.
On May 5, 1945 while in the Kattegat, north-west of Helsingor, it refused Admiral Donitz's order for all U-boats to surrender.
Scantours runs self-guided cycling tours along the Danish Riviera, from Copenhagen to Helsingor, the home of Hamlet, to Hillerod, where the Danish royals have a summer home, through to Roskilde and back to Copenhagen.
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On May 5, 1945, U-534 was sailing in the Kattegat, north-west of Helsingor, and although Admiral Donitz had ordered all his U-boats to surrender that day, U-534 refused.

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