Helsinki Conference

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Helsinki Conference:

see Organization for Security and Cooperation in EuropeOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
(OSCE), international organization established as the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) in 1973, during the cold war, to promote East-West cooperation. Headquarters are in Prague, Czech Republic.
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He pointed out that the three nations are aware of the strenuous efforts made by the State of Kuwait and the Arab countries and the many concessions they have made over the past seven years in order to hold the postponed Helsinki Conference.
That is why, when Serbia was entrusted to lead the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which grew from the Helsinki conference, this year, we were looking forward to celebrating the accord's many achievements on its 40th anniversary.
State Department announced that the Helsinki conference, "Cannot be convened because of present conditions in the Middle East and the fact that states in the region have not reached agreement on acceptable conditions for the conference.
21) With the indefinite postponement of the Helsinki conference, civil society will have to take the lead if a Middle East WMD-free zone is to become reality.
On November 23, the US announced that the Helsinki conference cannot be convened at this point due to the special conditions in the Middle East.
But, whatever the peaceful protestations of the participants at the Helsinki conference, the accelerating threat of nuclear proliferation throughout the region holds out the prospect of disaster.
Soltaniyeh said Iran was "determined to participate actively" in the Helsinki conference, which he said could pave the way for a world free of nuclear weapons.
In the Helsinki Conference, the PSF Chairman gave a presentation on "IBSE in Pakistan-Issues in Implementation and Student Assessment".
Based extensively on the consequences of the Helsinki Conference (1975), the book focuses on documents inaccessibles for Romanians under the communist regime and consulted since the fall of the Berlin Wall by only a handful of scholars and researchers.
During his presidency and against the advice of several of his political advisers, Ford made the decision to participate in the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Finland.
The principle of nation-state sovereignty has been the foremost stabilizing principle in the world for three and a half centuries, ever since 1648, and was solemnly reiterated by the Helsinki Conference of 1975.
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