Hemiparasitic Plant

Plant, Hemiparasitic


a flowering parasitic plant, such as eyebright and yellow rattle, that lives on the nutrients of other organisms yet is also capable of photosynthesis. Hemiparasitic plants are parasites that in the course of evolution did not completely lose the capacity for the photoautotrophic mode of feeding characteristic of their ancestors.

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Conserving a rare parasitic or hemiparasitic plant requires an understanding of host preferences, and assurance of available hosts (Marvier and Smith 1997, Phoenix and Press 2005).
It is interesting that in natural landscapes in Tamaulipas, scale colonies developed on mistletoes, hemiparasitic plants from the genus Phoradendron, but not on Acacia farnesiana (L.
upon their host plants have not been methodically evaluated, but 5 or more of these hemiparasitic plants may occur per host tree.