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Meanwhile, we assessed hemoglobin (Hgb) levels by hemoglobin cyanide method with hemoglobinometer (XK-2, JiangSu, China).
Hemoglobin was measured immediately by a portable hemoglobinometer (HemoCue([R]).
Tenders are invited for Tender For Fixing Rate Contract For Supply Of Hemoglobinometer Point Of Care Device To Various Govt Hospitals
Haemoglobin estimation was done by Sahli's Hemoglobinometer, Serum Ferritin estimation was by CLIA Test (Chemi Luminescence Immune Assay) method.
Hemoglobin level in the hemolysate was measured using automated cell counter and hemoglobinometer machine in the Department of Pathology, New Civil Hospital, Surat, Gujarat.
Abstract: To determine whether a proportional relationship exists between hemoglobin (Hgb) concentration and pack cell volume (PCV) in avian blood samples, Hgb concentration measured by a point-of-care portable hemoglobinometer and corresponding PCV were determined in blood samples collected from 128 birds comprising 13 avian orders.
She recalls when Coulter came out with the hemoglobinometer, so she no longer needed to set up a daily hemoglobin graph.
HGB was measured by colorimetric analysis with the use of hemolysis sticks and a BMS handheld hemoglobinometer (Omron Healthcate Inc.
A fingerstick blood sample was collected to determine hemoglobin concentration using a hemoglobinometer.
Our results on the OSM3 were at the midpoint of this range, as were results with one of the hemoglobinometers, the Hb-Quick [R] hemoglobinometer from Avox Systems [mean (SD), 175 (0.
Procedure: Hemoglobin levels were done on women at the first visit to antenatal clinic and also in the third trimester between 34-36 weeks by using Sahli's hemoglobinometer.
The hemoglobin was done on a Hemoglobinometer, and the hematocrit was spun.