Hendricks, Jon

Hendricks, (John Carl) Jon

(1921–  ) jazz musician; born in Newark, Ohio. He was a singer and the principal lyricist with (Dave) Lambert, Hendricks, & (Annie) Ross, the vocal trio that popularized "vocalese" in the late 1950s.
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The works of Ay-O, Yoko Ono, George Brecht, John Lennon, Nam June Paik, Geoffrey Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Alison Knowles, Larry Miller, Mieko Shiomi, Ben Vautier, Robert Watts, Emmitt Williams, Henry Flynt, Peter Moore and others are included in the exhibition.
Asked why his character has never had a pop at office vixen Joan, played by CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, Jon joked: "Who says he hasn't?