Henrietta Maria

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Henrietta Maria

(mərī`ə), 1609–69, queen consort of Charles ICharles I,
1600–1649, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1625–49), second son of James I and Anne of Denmark. Early Life

He became heir to the throne on the death of his older brother Henry in 1612 and was made prince of Wales in 1616.
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 of England, daughter of Henry IVHenry IV,
1553–1610, king of France (1589–1610) and, as Henry III, of Navarre (1572–1610), son of Antoine de Bourbon and Jeanne d'Albret; first of the Bourbon kings of France.
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 of France. She married Charles in 1625. Although she was devoted and loyal to her husband, her Roman Catholic faith made her suspect in England. By her negotiations with the pope, with foreign powers, and with English army officers, she added to the suspicions against Charles that helped to precipitate (1642) the English civil war. After 1644 she lived in France, making continual efforts to secure foreign aid for her husband until his execution in 1649. She returned (1660) to England after the Restoration, but resumed living in France in 1665. Her influence may have affected the religious beliefs of her sons Charles IICharles II,
1630–85, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1660–85), eldest surviving son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. Early Life

Prince of Wales at the time of the English civil war, Charles was sent (1645) to the W of England with his council,
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 and James IIJames II,
1633–1701, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1685–88); second son of Charles I, brother and successor of Charles II. Early Life
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, although she herself was unsuccessful in her attempts to convert them to Catholicism.


See biography by E. Hamilton (1976); study by Q. Bone (1972).

Henrietta Maria

1609--69, queen of England (1625--49), the wife of Charles I; daughter of Henry IV of France. Her Roman Catholicism contributed to the unpopularity of the crown in the period leading to the Civil War
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For Prynne one of the great horrors of the stage was the introduction of actresses from France by Henrietta Maria, to take the place of young [84] male actors of whom Dr.
Abraham Cowley, a youthful prodigy and always conspicuous for intellectual power, was secretary to Queen Henrietta Maria after her flight to France and later was a royalist spy in England.
Endymion Porter was picture agent to Charles I and Olivia, whom he married in 1619, was a lady-inwaiting to his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria.
1669: Henrietta Maria, French wife of Charles I of England, died near Paris.
The Koreans would start planning a port on Cape Henrietta Maria to link the region with the growing Asian market.
Depicting Olivia Boteler Porter, lady-in-waiting to Henrietta Maria, the wife of English king Charles I, the 17th century painting had been listed as "a copy after Sir Anthony Van Dyck".
The tradition continued right up until the 17th century when Charles I gave it to his bride, Henrietta Maria of France.
Maryland was not named after Elizabeth's bloody sister but after Queen Henrietta Maria, King Charles I's French wife.
The voyage of the merchant ship Henrietta Maria, under the command of Captain Thomas James, is a true slice of Canadiana.
Apart from the way this happy event encouraged closer ties between the royal families, the cash-strapped Charles wanted the war to end so that he could collect on the balance of the dowry promised to him on his 1625 marriage to Henrietta Maria.
A royal passion; the turbulent marriage of King Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria of France.