Henry Agard Wallace

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Wallace, Henry Agard


Born Oct. 7, 1888, in Iowa; died Nov. 18, 1965, in Danbury, Conn. American politician.

From 1933 to 1940, Wallace was secretary of agriculture in the administration of President F. D. Roosevelt, and from 1941 to 1945 he was vice-president of the USA. Wallace supported Roosevelt’s policies in domestic and foreign affairs. In 1945–46 he was secretary of commerce. He was removed from office by President H. Truman because he rejected the policy of the cold war. In 1948, Wallace ran for president as the candidate of the Progressive Party, which he and his followers had formed. After he lost the election, Wallace retired from political life.

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Today the agricultural research center at Beltsville is named after Henry A.
The afternoon program will also include a special tribute to former Social Security Commissioner Robert Ball, and music by the well-known Hudson Valley musicians, Randall Wallace, grandson of Henry A.
All of that is in the spirit that was laid down during those years of Henry A.
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