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Carey, Henry,

1687–1743, English author. After the first collection of his poems appeared in 1713, he turned to writing for the stage. Primarily a writer of farce comedy, his greatest success was Chrononhotonthologos (1734), a burlesque on theatrical bombast. He is best remembered, however, for his songs, in particular the ballad "Sally in Our Alley."

Carey, Henry (Charles)

(1793–1879) economist, publisher; born in Philadelphia. Skipping college, he began working in business and by age 24 was a partner in his father's Baltimore publishing business, learning by reading manuscripts submitted for publication. At age 42, he sold the company to write about economics, publishing his Essay on the Rate of Wages (1935). He espoused laissez-faire economics in the 3-volume Principles of Political Economy (1837, 1838, 1840) and protectionism in Harmony of Interests: Manufacturing and Commercial (1851). He continued to write and publish regularly into the 1870s.
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She was for many years the mistress of Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon, first cousin of Elizabeth I.
In this catastrophe, a lot of the complaints about NGOs and humanitarian relief are no different than what's been said about NGOs all along," said Henry Carey, a Georgia State University political science professor who has been traveling to Haiti to work with various organizations for the past 30 years.
The following 1962 comment by Austrian social economist Werner Stark, in summarizing the earlier 'social heat' theories of American sociologist Henry Carey, gives a good outline of the findings of the study:
Gurr pictures this as a new idea devised and implemented by Charles Howard, the Lord Admiral and Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, the Lord Chamberlain; we are told that they founded two companies, divided the best players and plays between them, and allocated to each company a specific suburban playhouse.
In the first year of her reign on January 13, 1558/59, Elizabeth I had created her cousin Henry Carey the first baron of Hunsdon, and on March 20, 1558/59, for the maintenance of his rank of baron she settled on him the reversions and rents arising from numerous estates in York, Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, and Kent, including "the manors of Tunbridge and Hadlowe, the castle of Tunbridge, parks called Le Cage Parke and Le Posterne Parke in Tunbridge and a park called Le Northe Frithe, co.
This verse is attributed to Henry Carey (1692-1743), and goes:
Written in 1737 as an example of the currently-fashionable English lampooning of Italian opera such as was being purveyed by Handel and his rivals, Lampe's score is full of musical treasures, expertly composed but decidedly tongue-in-cheek when allied to the scurrilous libretto of Henry Carey (he of Sally in our Alley fame).
16] Hoby stood high in Camden's esteem as one who was exceptionally learned, and for several reasons, including marriage to a daughter of Elizabeth's cousin Henry Carey Lord Hunsdon, may well have been in a position to assist in Camden's advancement.
The irony of Americans, "the wisest people in resource management," learning so valuable a lesson from dirt-poor developing countries is humbling, says Henry Carey, director of the Forest Trust in Santa Fe.
Among the men thought to have been involved in the writing of some or all of the anthem are John Bull, Thomas Ravenscroft, Henry Purcell and Henry Carey.
The case against Clinton rested mainly on the identification evidence of the two eyewitnesses, unemployed David Hart, 56, and teacher, Henry Carey, 54.
Henry Carey, founder and president of the Forest Trust, has never understood why community-based forestry is well-known internationally but ignored here.