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Leslie, Frank,

1821–80, American engraver and publisher, b. England. He learned his trade on the Illustrated London News, but in 1848 immigrated to New York City, where in 1855 he began publishing Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, one of the first influential newsweeklies. His real name, Henry Carter, was discarded when his pseudonym, Frank Leslie, became widely known. He inaugurated a method for speedily illustrating current events by dividing his drawings into blocks that could be distributed among a number of engravers and afterward reassembled. His profits and fame were greatest when, during the Civil War, his artists on the battlefields sent back illustrations. They now have great historical value. He went bankrupt in 1877. His second wife, Miriam Florence (Folline) LeslieLeslie, Miriam Florence (Folline),
c.1836–1914, American publisher, b. New Orleans. She became editor of Frank Leslie's Lady's Journal in 1871 and married Leslie in 1874. After his death she skillfully managed the business, bringing it out of debt.
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, continued his business interests after his death.
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