Henry Enfield Roscoe

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Roscoe, Henry Enfield


Born Jan. 7, 1833, in London; died Dec. 18, 1915, in Leatherhead, Surrey. English chemist. Member of the London Royal Society (1863).

Roscoe was a professor at Owens College in Manchester from 1857 to 1887. In 1862, together with R. Bunsen, he established the equivalence of time and intensity of illumination in photochemical processes (seeBUNSEN-ROSCOE LAW). In 1865, Roscoe demonstrated that vanadic acid anhydride has the formula V2O5 and not VO2. In 1869 he obtained metallic vanadium by the action of hydrogen on vanadous chloride under heating. In 1896, together with the English chemist A. Harden, Roscoe published the diaries of J. Dalton and a history of Dal-ton’s atomic theory.


Treatise on Chemistry, vols. 1–2. New York, 1923. (With C. Schorlemmer.)
In Russian translation:
Kratkii uchebnik mineral’noi i organicheskoi khimii. Preface by D. I. Mendeleev. St. Petersburg, 1868.