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Jones, Henry:

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, pseud. of Henry Jones,
1831–99, English card game expert. Jones studied medicine, practiced in London, and retired in 1868. He became a leading authority on card games and was the first person to formulate a system of playing whist.
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Better economic times for the state and an estimated student population increase of 10,000 means an increase for the Los Angeles Unified School District next year of $420 million, or 7 percent, Chief Financial Officer Henry Jones said in a presentation to the board.
WHO: "Vertigo" star Kim Novak, cast member Henry Jones, "Vertigo" art director Henry Bumstead, "Vertigo" cameraman Leonard J.
We have believed for years that Jonesboro was ready for an upscale hotel and convention center because of repeated requests from various groups for meeting and convention space," said Henry Jones, president of The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.
Blodau'r teulu agosaf yn unig ond derbynnir rhoddion yn ddiolchgar os dymunir tuag at Ward Alaw Ysbyty Gwynedd trwy law yr ymgymerwyr Henry Jones Cyf, Rhes Capel, Criccieth.
Ond mae hanes Elias Henry Jones adeg y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf, a'r ffordd y llwyddodd i dwyllo ei ffordd o garchar yn Nhwrci yn hollol wir.
Washington, Sept 19 (ANI): Veteran actor Sean Connery is likely to return as Professor Henry Jones in the fifth 'Indiana Jones' movie.
Gwendoline and Henry Jones didn't have the most lavish wedding - but that hasn't stopped their love lasting for 65 years.
Beyond being a consummate professional, Mr Tyson was very engaging and had a great sense of humour," director Dr Henry Jones said.
They concluded they are independent and have no conflict of interest,'' said Henry Jones, the chief financial officer.
21, passengers can meet more than 25 NFL players including Super bowl team members Vinson Smith and Mark Tuinei of the championship Dallas Cowboys and Phil Hanson and Henry Jones of the Buffalo Bills.
Webster is the Charles Henry Jones 3rd Century Professor of Management, Emeritus, at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, a Visiting Scholar of Business and Public Administration at the University of Arizona and President of FEW Consulting Services, Inc.
Like his son, a Henry Jones is searching for the Holy Grail when he is kidnapped by the Nazis.