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More, Henry,

1614–87, English philosopher, one of the foremost representatives of the school of Cambridge PlatonistsCambridge Platonists,
group of English philosophers, centered at Cambridge in the latter half of the 17th cent. In reaction to the mechanical philosophy of Thomas Hobbes this school revived certain Platonic and Neoplatonic ideas.
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. His writings emphasized the mystical and theosophic phases of that philosophy, and as he grew older mysticism dominated his writings. Newton studied under him, and his concept of space and time as "the sense organs of God" greatly influenced Newton's theory of absolute space and time. His chief works are Philosophical Poems (1647) and Divine Dialogues (1668).


See E. Cassirer, The Platonic Renaissance in England (tr. 1953); A. Lichtenstein, Henry More: The Rational Theology of a Cambridge Platonist (1962); G. R. Cragg, ed., The Cambridge Platonists (1985).

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In an age when women were not formally admitted to Cambridge, Conway was tutored by mail by Henry More, who had also taught her half-brother John Finch.
Both Henry More, her lifelong mentor, and Francis Mercury van Helmont, her intellectual companion during the last years of her life, had a hand in the editing, with the major portion falling to van Helmont.
Simonutti, and Yves-Charles Zarka) treat the historical context of the Cambridge thinkers' views on freedom of conscience, especially the views presented in the moral and theological writings of Henry More and Ralph Cudworth.