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in the Bible, man who was to have a memorial in the temple.

What does it mean when you dream about a hen?

The hen symbolizes gossip and calamity as well as being annoyingly pecked at by a person or a situation (“henpecked”).


(vertebrate zoology)
The female of several bird species, especially gallinaceous species.


1. the female of any bird, esp the adult female of the domestic fowl
2. the female of certain other animals, such as the lobster
References in classic literature ?
As if attending to these curst cocks and hens here were not enough work for any girl.
So they went into the back yard, and after walking along winding paths some distance through the beautiful gardens they came to an attractive little house where the Yellow Hen sat on the front porch sunning herself.
Dorothy and Daniel are two good names, and I see no object in hunting for others," declared the Yellow Hen.
Mother Atkinson, as all called their hostess, was the merriest there, and the busiest; for she kept flying up to wait on the children, to bring out some new dish, or to banish the live stock, who were of such a social turn that the colt came into the entry and demanded sugar; the cats sat about in people's laps, winking suggestively at the food; and speckled hens cleared the kitchen floor of crumbs, as they joined in the chat with a cheerful clucking.
Why, I've just laid an egg, that's all," replied a small, but sharp and distinct voice, and looking around her the little girl discovered a yellow hen squatting in the opposite corner of the coop.
Of course," answered the hen, fluttering her wings and yawning.
It is not that chickens have lost all fear, but fear only of dogs and cats, for if the hen gives the danger-chuckle, they will run (more especially young turkeys) from under her, and conceal themselves in the surrounding grass or thickets; and this is evidently done for the instinctive purpose of allowing, as we see in wild ground-birds, their mother to fly away.
The inhabitants of the country readily distinguish, even at a distance, the cock bird from the hen.
that was an old hen who came creeping along, and she was from Kjoge.
The old hen ain't hurt a bit, and she's seven years old, I know, and as tough as whipcord; she couldn't lay another egg to save her life.
cried Dorothy, in a glad voice, and the yellow hen flew to her arms, to be hugged and petted by turns.
Dorothy sat right down in the road, the yellow hen in her arms, and began to stroke Billina's back.