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Hepplewhite, George

(hĕp`əlhwīt), d. 1786, English cabinetmaker and furniture designer. His style is characterized by light, curvilinear forms, painted or inlaid decoration, and distinctive details such as slender tapering legs (plain, fluted, or reeded) and the spade foot. Decorative motifs include designs introduced by Robert AdamAdam, Robert
, 1728–92, and James Adam,
1730–94, Scottish architects, brothers. They designed important public and private buildings in England and Scotland and numerous interiors, pieces of furniture, and decorative objects.
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 and his brother James, ribbons, rosettes, prince of Wales feathers, ears of wheat, and the lyre. He is noted for distinctive chair backs in shield, oval, interlaced hearts, ladder, and wheel forms and for the use of much satinwood and painted beechwood as well as mahogany. His small pieces, e.g., inlaid work tables, fire screens, knife boxes, and tea caddies, are especially prized by collectors. Hepplewhite's firm was continued by his widow, who published in 1788 his Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide (repr. 1969).
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The ultimate object for the rooms of a lady of status, the magnificent mahogany piece is inlaid with marquetry and complete with folding and sliding drawers, mirrors and many other extra features It is based on a design by George Hepplewhite and appears in "The Cabinetmaker and Upholsterers Guide" of 1786, assembled by Hepplewhite's widow, a book which gave the author's name to a whole period of designs from the last two decades of the 18th century.
it is easy to trace the influence of Hepplewhite and Adams.
The company has been working hard to expand fruit and nut-based products into snacking formats, said marketing director Nell Hepplewhite.
New pounds 650,000 contract for Andrew Spink (front) with staff (left to right) Tania Spink, Keith Hepplewhite and Alan Watkins Picture: STACEY ROBERTS
Grant Hepplewhite, of the Army, proved too good for 24-year-old Matthew Smith, of Highfields ABC.
Baldwin's classic Hepplewhite four-candle chandelier is finished in elegant satin brass, although polished brass is also available.
Jane soon realizes that she is in a very different world and her instruction from Miss Hepplewhite at the Young Ladies Academy in Philadelphia is not of much use in her new home.
In England, the art was employed throughout the Jacobean period and later in Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton furniture.
Earlier ex-athlete Ian Hepplewhite told how a hit and run accident ruined his life.
Katherine Hepplewhite was days from giving birth to son Kyle when she, her husband Ian and son Kieran, three, were hit after Rory Fulton, 19, mounted the pavement.
You can't do that," said outraged Labour spin doctor Iain Hepplewhite.