Herbert Henry Jasper

Jasper, Herbert Henry


Born July 27, 1906, in Lagrande, Oregon. A Canadian neurophysiologist.

Jasper studied in the universities of Oregon and Iowa. He began his scientific career at Brown and McGill universities. He became a professor of neurophysiology in Montreal in 1946. Jasper is known for his experimental research on conditioned-reflex activity in animals at the neuronal (cellular) level involving the implantation of microelectrodes in the brain. He is a pioneer in clinical electroencephalography. Together with the Canadian neurosurgeon W. Penfield, he developed new methods of electrodiagnosis and the surgical treatment of epilepsy. Jasper is studying the problem of memory and the localization of functions in the human brain.


“Functional Properties of the Thalamic Reticular System.” In Brain
Mechanisms and Consciousness. Oxford, 1954.
In Russian translation:
Epilepsiia ifunktsional’naia anatomiia golovnogo mozga cheloveka.
Moscow, 1958. (Jointly with W. Penfield; translated from English.)