Herbert Mies

Mies, Herbert


Born Feb. 23, 1929, in Mannheim. Chairman of the German Communist Party from November 1973. Son of a worker. Worked at the Brown, Boveri and Company works in Mannheim for several years. Joined the Communist Party of Germany (CPG) in 1945.

Active in the youth movement, Mies was a member of the central bureau of the Union of Free German Youth. At the Hamburg congress of the CPG in 1954 he was elected a member of the party’s Administrative Committee. After the CPG was banned in 1956 he continued his active political work and his writing on public affairs. In 1968 he became a member of the Federal Committee for the Creation of a German Communist Party (GCP). At the Essen congress of the GCP in April 1969 he was elected a member of the Presidium of the Administrative Committee and deputy chairman of the GCP. In November 1971, Mies has became head of the Secretariat of the GCP Administrative Committee.