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Morrison, Herbert Stanley


Born Jan. 3, 1888, in London; died Mar. 6, 1965, in Sidcup, Kent. British political figure; made a baron in 1959.

Morrison was a leader of the Labour Party who advocated “democratic socialism.” From 1915 to 1947 he was secretary of the London branch of the Labour Party; in 1928–29 he was chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Labour Party. During 1929–31 and again in 1940–51, Morrison held various ministerial posts, including deputy prime minister (1945–51) and secretary of state for foreign affairs (March-October 1951).


Eaton, J. Marks protiv Keinsa: Otvet na “sotsializm “G. Morrisona. Moscow, 1958. (Translated from English.)
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The next day Home Secretary Herbert Morrison came up from London with a flotilla of senior civil servants.
This was followed by The Tortoise and the Hares, a comparative biography of Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin, Stafford Cripps, Hugh Dalton and Herbert Morrison.
Two of the Labour Party's leaders -- Ernest Bevin and Herbert Morrison -- continuously stressed that the existence of colonies was an 'embarrassment' for a left-wing party in government.
Bevan's rival Herbert Morrison tried to persuade Prime Minister Clement Attlee and other Ministers that health services should be run by local councils instead of a new standalone body, documents that were not available to Michael Foot when he wrote his biography of Bevan have shown.
A Ernest Bevin B Herbert Morrison C Stafford Cripps D Clement Attlee QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Singer Benjamin Ballance-Drew is better known by what name?
But there are no real socialists like Herbert Morrison and Aneurin Bevan in the Labour Party any more.
It had been masterminded by Labour minister Herbert Morrison - whose grandson Peter Mandelson would be Labour minister in charge of the Millennium Dome.
Clem" was a mild-mannered man with an inner steel that enabled him to run a government with hard bastards like Nye Bevan and over-ambitious Herbert Morrison (grandfather of Peter Mandelson, natch).
The then Chief Constable Herbert Morrison nominated him for The George Medal had been introduced just months earlier at the height of The Blitz to recognise civilian gallantry in the face of enemy action and other acts of bravery.
It was up to members of the leadership such as Arthur Henderson and Herbert Morrison to push the party to broaden its appeal beyond the industrial working class, and to use the mass media to do so.
As deputy Prime Minister Herbert Morrison, the Festival''s sponsor, put it.
Colin Coulson-Thomas' talk on Developing Dynamic Top Level Teams to the HR Leaders Club was given in the Herbert Morrison Room of the Marriott County Hall on London's South Bank.